The Recipes

 When most people think of granola, they think that it's just like cereal, which is definitely one way to eat it! BUT there are so many other delicious and healthy ways to eat it!

  • Yogurt and Granola - Purchase low-fat yogurt from any grocery store or farmers market and add a 1/2 cup of any flavor granola for a nutritional and filling snack. For another nutritional boost, add some berries for the perfect Parfait!
  • Oatmeal and Granola - You can use steel cut or old-fashioned rolled oats, but you won't need to add any extra brown sugar to this when you use granola as a topping. My personal favorite oatmeal topping is the Vanilla Berry, but you should try them all to figure out your favorite
  • Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream and Granola - This is the best dessert you can have! Try our Chocolate granola on top of a 1/2 cup of frozen yogurt or ice cream and you will not regret mouth is watering right now!
  • Grilled Pineapple Crunch - Simple grill your sliced pineapple, then add ice cream and chocolate granola as a topper...This is a unique and delicious party pleaser!
  • Granola Topping for Muffins and Breads - Use granola as a sweet topping to your breads and muffins. It will add the perfect amount of sweetness and crunch
  • Pancakes/Waffles with Granola - It doesn't matter if you are making plain pancakes or if you like to put chocolate chips in them...If you sprinkle granola on top of them it will add a nutritional and splendid flavorburst that kids and adults will love.
  • Chocolate Granola Pancakes - We've all made chocolate chip pancakes, right!?! Well, this is so much better. Simply add the chocolate granola to your pancake batter and make your pancakes as usual. It will add the perfect crunch to your morning breakfast.
  • Apple, Peanut Butter, Granola Sandwich - Simply core your apple, cut it horizontally into thick slices, and add peanut butter and any flavor granola as your filler. It is absolutely delicious!
  • Graham Cracker Crunch - Take two graham crackers, add peanut butter and any flavor granola! It is a delicious flavor burst!
  • Chocolate Covered Grapes with Chocolate Granola - Melt white chocolate and dip red grapes into the chocolate using a toothpick. Then dip them in any flavor of granola, but the chocolate is delicious. Once this is complete put on wax paper and refrigerate. Hours later, you will have a delicious treat.
  • Granola on an Apple Wedge - Simply cut your apple into wedges, dip into melted chocolate and then dip into any flavor of Whirlybird Granola. This makes a delicious appetizer or dessert. 
  • JUST PLAIN GRANOLA - Pack it in a bag, grab a handful, or just munch on it throughout the day. It is delicious all on it's own and can be a great snack to bring with you on a run, bike, picnic or roadtrip. YUM!